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“The career fair was definitely a success for us. There were 5 candidates that made it to our final round of interviews and I will be making offers to two of them this week actually.  The show ran extremely well and the location was excellent.

We will definitely be looking to attend another show the next time we are in need of new sales hires.”

Regional Director
Software Company

Jason, Hiring Manager, Software Company

Thank you kindly for your efforts here in Portland. The event was well organized, well run, and well worth my time. Please continue the excellent work.

William, Job Seeker, Portland

We attended the United Career Fair last fall and it has paid off 4-fold.  We were able to hire 4 highly experienced sales staff.  We were only looking for ONE maybe two….  But the quality of the applicants were so overwhelming that we decided to higher FOUR of them.  It’s been several months now and the new hires are continuing to impress.  Our experience with any other career fair in the past has never paid off in this way, this magnitude.  Thanks UCF!

Michelle, Hiring Manager, Milwaukee

Thanks Daniel, greatly appreciate the follow up and info!  As always, a very well run event so hopefully it leads to a new hire as well.  I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Sebastian, Hiring Manager, Boston

Thank you for the notice, but we do not have a need at this time. We were able to hire someone from the job fair we attended in February and he starts on Monday. Thanks.

Renee M, Hiring Manager, Phoenix

Just a quick email to say Thank You for the time taken to walk through some possibilities at the recent Career Fair hosted in Charlotte, NC.  I was very impressed at how the event went – A lot different than other events and opportunities that I have recently attended.  Seemed to be very positive and upbeat.  Great Turnout.

I have already interviewed with 2 or 3 of the companies this week alone and it seems to be going very well.

As we briefly discussed – if you felt that there was a list of recruiters and or Companies / Leaders that you felt were a great fit for me that would be outstanding.  I am looking for that next leadership role where I can be with a great company, great people, and make a difference in all that I do.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Thanks Again!

Tony, Job Seeker, Charlotte