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UNDERRATED, UNDERRATED (corporate culture)

February 10th, 2011

What is your corporate culture like? Or more importantly how does your CC affect employees and ultimately the bottom line?

Here at UCF we work hard on work, we also work hard at having fun. Most everyone has heard, probably even said and maybe even live by “work hard play hard” which is ok but here at UCF we “play hard while working hard”.

Instilling an attitude of having fun while you’re at the “salt mine” isn’t easy. We have two or three ping pong games a day sometimes we’ll go down to the gym and shoot some hoops. But other times nothing happens but work. Having balance plays into culture.

Giving your employees and yourselves the freedom to have fun at work may be work. This “work” shouldn’t be overlooked instead thoughtful considered. Having good CC makes managing and mentoring a lot easier.

I worked on this yesterday (2/9/11) by wearing a skeleton costume all day. It lightened the mood, everyone laughed and poked fun and work still commenced.

What is your skeleton costume.

Please share your thoughts on corporate cultures.


When is the Best time to Apply?

January 13th, 2011

With the new year in full swing and most people unburied from the work they procrastinated on the last two weeks of 2010. Now is the perfect time restart your search.

Did you know that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to apply for positions online? Once hump day ends the weekend is too near and applications become lost.

My suggestion apply on mon-weds and do your follow-up work Thursday and Friday. Also if you are calling (which you should be) call early in the morning before the busyness sets in.

Hope this helps!


Start Strong? Finish Strong? Who Cares About the Rest?

December 17th, 2010

I am sure you’ve heard people say that it doesn’t matter how your start, it’s how you finish. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say start strong finish strong. Or get a head start. These are all true and they really do matter but what are you supposed to do in between. Their aren’t any cool sayings for the middle, are their? I propose a new saying “excellent consistency, kills”. This may be a word for the procrastinator, but it’s a word and a good one. What we do between the start and finish says so much more about us then we care to admit.

When do you hit your wall? I would venture to guess it isn’t at the start or the finish, adrenaline and excitement typical take over at those points. Mid day? Mid week? Mid project? Mid year? You get the point.

In sales what we do in between the initial meeting and the close speaks to who we are. The difference between the best and the rest is the middle. In order to be a great sales person you need to be brilliant always. Good sales pro’s are the ones who value the start, middle, and finish.

How can you improve the middle? It will surely help the finish!


10+ Tips to boost your job search.

November 18th, 2010

Are you in a slump when it comes to looking for a new career?  Maybe it is time to re-evaluate your technique.  Here are some tips I thought of to help you achieve success in finding a new job!

Tip#1 – Be a diligent Student

Always be learning about new industries, companies and trends.

Find some new blogs and authors to read.

Think of probing questions to Ask on an interview.  Don’t get caught empty handed when you have the chance to ask a great question.

Know yourself.  A great idea is to make a list… What are you true needs vs. your wants in your future career.

Read biographies on successful people

Reconnect with former workers and get coffee with old friends who have worked in the industry.

Visit and see what happens on recent interviews

Tip #2 – Step up the urgency

Have you gone unemployed for a while?

How will your gap in employment look to an interviewer?

Some gaps in employment are expected but long gaps in unemployment will certainly not help you!

The glaring truth is that outstanding individuals do not stay unemployed for long and companies that are hiring understand this.  If you have been unemployed for longer than 6 months, now is a great time to make adjustments to your search.

Tip #3 – Make your job search top priority

Do you find yourself easily side tracked?

Do you find yourself watching more TV?  Are you exhausted after a long day of looking for a job?

Set apart specific time for your job search

Tip #4 – Create a weekly or even daily task list

Take time to sit down and write out a list of tasks to accomplish

Set high goals for yourself and plan the necessary directions to get there.

Follow up on all interviews.

Feel accomplished and cross off tasks that you have completed.

Tip #5 – Schedule time for rest

Save yourself from “job search burnout”.  I personally recommend an occasional game of  ping pong.

Tip #6 – Personal discipline

Self discipline helps you push yourself so your performance is better

Keep your activity level high.  Get out your running shoes and pull up bar.  Get your workout on. Stay active and energized.

Tip #7 – Don’t take rejection personally

Let’s face it, it is easy to buy into the wrong idea that we are a failure if we are out of work.  That is certainly not true and rejection should be viewed as a necessary obsticle on the way to success.

“I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.” Sylvester Stallone

Tip #8 – Evaluate all job offers seriously.

Don’t  discredit any opportunities.

Tip #9 – Develop a strong elevator speech

If you were to meet a CEO of a top company while riding in an elevator, what would you say to them.  How would you talk about yourself?  It is important to be accurate, consise and interesting.  What makes you unique?  How can you be a valuable asset to a company?

Tip #10 – Practice, practice, practice

Set up Mock interviews.  This can be done with close friends, family, employment agencies or actual interviews.  Practice makes you better!

Tip # 11 – Social Media

Check and recheck your social media pages for inappropriate contact (pictures or posts).  Seeing you with a lamp shade on your head is not appealing to anyone!  If you don’t want an employer to read it, take it down.

Tip #12 – No inappropriate greeting.

No embarrassing ring tones or voicemails please.  Be professional. always!

Tip #13 – Follow Up

Be an expert on following through with companies.  Remember to keep track of who you interview with and write a hand written note expressing thanks.

Pick up the phone and call imployers.  Schedule yourself into networking events and various career groups.  Sign up for a job fair!

Never make promises that you don’t intend on fully keeping.


Have any tips to add to this list?  Comments are welcome.

Managing Your Time

November 13th, 2010

How much time do you spend looking for a job? Do you spend countless hours researching a potential employer, applying blindly online, or sending out resume’s wastefully? Like sales, looking for a career is all about the connection, the value of knowing and contacting a decision maker is priceless. Imagine a phone call sourcing the decision maker, and politely leaving a personal voicemail… Now do it! Working smarter not longer will make life easier and provide better results.

Ponder these words and commit to smart hard work.

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